Did someone say peanut butter and chocolate overload cupcakes??

… Nope? Must be the voices in my head again.  Those damn demon cake voices!

So, I have a few of my favourite peoples coming over to my abode tomorrow and thought it would be just lovely to treat them to some brucey baking!  I love a bit of baking of a Wednesday eve.  I stumbled across this recipe in an old cake book that I’ve had for absolute yonks.  When I make cupcakes, I usually just stick to my usual, easy recipe and throw in whatever I’ve got lying around to liven it up (chocolate chips, pecans, cat hairs) but its always fun to try something different isn’t it.  We had tons of peanuts left over from the yuletide season so this one was perfect!


See, here are my ingredients all nicely lined up and ready to be smushed into delicious tiny morsels of delight!  I am always this tidy when baking (ahem) and therefore deserve a Nigella style kitchen.


Here are some peanuts that needed to be “finely chopped”.  I would like to take this opportunity, if you wouldn’t mind, to address the author of this recipe…

Dear recipe author,

Please stop telling people to “finely chop” their peanuts.  a) it is impossible and 2) it is very dangerous and lastly also, what is wrong with the “rough chop”.  There is nothing wrong with the rough chop. The rough chop, in my opinion is much more interestingly chunky and texturized.  Additionally, in adopting this method, around 70% less people lose finger nails.  As a human person who enjoys having in tact finger nails, I would always advocate the rough chop.

Kind regards



Thanks for that.  Ok, so here is the raw mix.  I love this section of the baking.  I always like to mix things manually rather than use a machine.  It encourages my brain to believe that I am burning many a calorie and can therefore eat a full batch of cupcakes guilt free.  Oh, another tip also is to make a little bit more mixture than you actually need, so that you can lick the spoon.  50 times.  Why is raw cake batter so flippin’ nice?  Is there a scientific reason? I would happily eat the whole thing raw.  I have a friend, whom I love dearly, but who has a very strong aversion to eating raw eggs and stuff, so he can never lick the spoon.  I know, really sad isn’t it?

So then I popped them in the oven and 20 minutes later …..


Voila! I’ll decorate later when they’re cool.  Then, the mission, should I choose to accept it, will be to not eat any single one of them until tomorrow …. well maybe a tester.  What? I don’t want to poison my lovely nice friends therefore I must sample one from the batch because I am a caring and considerate kind of person….

Here, because I like you, you can do it ….


You’re welcome

AB x


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