Cat naps


This afternoon I followed the lead of my favourite feline (my Maggie, pictured above) and I had the best nap ever.  I’ve always been a fan of the afternoon nap.  At least 62% of my university years were spent thus.  The purpose of the nap is three fold:

1. If you are sleepy the nap allows you to rest and therefore be not sleepy afterwards

2. If your body is falling to bits following a consecutive three day gym visitation, the nap will soothe your aching limbs

3. If your brain is all smushed up from trying to squeeze every last bit of creative juice out onto a piece of paper (I would always recommend a sieve to avoid the lumpy bits), the nap will dream out all of the rubbish in there and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

This is actually true and does work.   For instance, today, pre nap, I was getting myself all stressed because I couldn’t think of a good enough idea for my Write Now homework.  Post nap (and also post baking 25 slabs of shortbread…) I just sat down at the computer and wrote a whole three pages non stop of sheer brilliance.

So for anyone who is feeling sleepy, warn out in body and/or brain I urge you now, GO NAP!! You will feel guilty for a short time, but once those eye lids lock down you won’t care and then when you wake up, you’ll feel so good that you will wonder why you didn’t just do it earlier.

Cats are so wise.  I’m off to dip those shortbreads into a bowl of melted dark chocolate now.  Shortbread is a good brain food, or so I’ve heard. In my brain. Must be true.





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