I Blame Nashville

Dear Country Music

Well, its happened.  To quote Rachel from Friends, “I’ve become my father. I’ve been trying so hard not to become my mother, I didn’t see this coming.”  No, I haven’t gone prematurely grey, or taken up driving heavy goods vehicles for a living.  (My dad had the misfortune to turn grey pre 21 and now sports a rather fetching snowy shade. And he’s a lorry driver) No, no – I have developed a slight obsession with you CM (can I call you CM? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it but I am lazy and it is easier to write CM than Country Music. Knew you’d understand).  For this new obsession with you, I blame ABC’s very amazing telly programme, “Nashville”.

Nashville Soundtrack 1

I won’t lie to you CM, I always hated you when I was but a wee nipper.  Maybe hate is a strong word, but I certainly wasn’t about to go around loving something that my dad loved.  Why, you say? Why, when this could have been such a lovely thing to share with my old pops?  I hear ya loud and clear my friend but I’ll tell you for why.  Because he was old and therefore obviously not cool I couldn’t possibly accept that his taste in music was anything but archaic and for the old and the senile.  Sadly, this is the way my immature brain worked.  I should also point out at this stage that about 86% of my youth was spent playing the flute in my local wind bands and orchestras. V cool.

But now, I take all those foolish thoughts and highly insulting comments back.  CM, I  have misjudged you.  You are actually one of my favourite things.  I especially enjoy those jaunts we take in the car.  And when you sing for me while I whip up a selection of delicious baked goods in my kitchen.   I know what you’re thinking.  This declaration of love is all a bit sudden.  You are suspicious, and rightly so.  I would be too.  You are wise.  Yes, it is quite possible that I will drop you just as swiftly as I whisked you up in my arms.  But you are forgetting that you are already deeply engrained into me, whether I wanted you or not.  So, yes, I will probably grow tired of the Season One Volume One Nashville Soundtrack fairly shortly (NEVER! How amazing is  track 9, with Rayna’s super talented daughters (the scarily brilliant Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella) covering Juliette Barnes’ “Telescope”?! I could listen to this on repeat forevs) and I will most likely never learn how to strum the guitar that my mother bought me for my 19th birthday as melodiously as you do.  But you have inspired me CM.  You are beautiful and unique and whenever I hear you, I am transported to a place where everyone is attired in the check shirt uniform of the mid west, complete with saddles and spurs, enthusiastically chewing on something that should probably be in a bin.

I do realise that you have been around a lot longer than circa 2012 when my new favourite show started.   I know this because now that I am old and listen to BBC Radio 2 of an evening, I get to listen to documentaries about how you’re getting all famous and popular over here on our tiny islands of the UK.  They play all your good songs from the old days as well as some new songs that you’ve got kicking about.  Good for you, CM.  Good for you.

So now I will tootle off to discover some more of your rather extensive back catalogue.  And to all my other musical loves; Rock, Jazz, Classical, Indie, Steps, I send my apologies for my absence.  I may be some time.  I blame Nashville.

Yours sincerely

Alicia Bruce






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