National Siblings Day!

Today, I was belatedly made aware that on Thursday 10th April 2014, it was National Siblings Day!  I didn’t even know such a day existed, although, there is a national day for everything nowadays isn’t there?  National liquorice day anyone? No? National Dolphin Day?  These are real, I’ve not made them up.  Thorough research has gone into this post, as always…  National Barbershop Day? Ooh that sounds quite good actually. Oh and its today! Grab your straw hats and your pinstriped waistcoats everyone, we’re havin a cane swingin’ party!

I digress.  So, I was thusly informed of National Sibling Day by my younger sibling, who is of the lady variety.  Both my other younger sibling (who is of the male variety) and I got a mention on twitter accompanied with pictures of our faces, I assume so that we would know what we look like.  Here is said picture:


On the left is my bro, Edwin; top right myself and my grandmother (I’m on the right, cheeky); and bottom right is some years ago featuring my chin, my sister and my brother; all the Bruces aboard a trusty sea vessel on Loch Ken I believe.  This must have been taken post the era in which Edwin was very terrified of water.  He seems quite happy. Maybe we drugged him? Incidentally, I share my birthday with Babcia (Polish for grandma. She is Polish) so she tenuously fits into the sibling category. And we do look quite twinnish in this picture. Poor Babcia.

It was very thoughtful of my little sister, Juliet, to give me and the young ‘un a shout out.  It reminded me how much I love my little brother and sister and I thought it would be super nice and thoughtful of me to share a little bit about why they are so spesh.  *pats self on back for being so nice and thoughtful*

First of all, both of my siblings are hilarious.  I know what you’re thinking; they learnt from the best.  But seriously, I love nothing more than spending an evening by the fire with those two. They bruise my abdominals and ache my ribs with their funny tales.  Edwin has a particular talent for remembering rib tickling quotes from our telly favourites, especially Mighty Boosh, and he always manages to slot them into a conversation at the perfect moment.

DSC06350 DSC06319

This is the three of us enjoying a family evening last year. I cannot explain the toothpicks. Don’t ask about the tooth picks.  We’re having a good time.

My little sister, Juliet is very spesh.  Not just in a “special” way, but also in a nice way.  She has impressed me so much since becoming a mama six months ago.  She is the best mama in the whole world and she makes the whole thing look so damn easy.  Should I ever have kids, if I’m half as amazing as she is I’ll be happy.  You can’t even tell she’s had a human person growing in her belly! What a pro.


Another talent that both my siblings have, yes again probably my influence, is a musical one.  They are both beltin’ singers (Edwin has a surprisingly beautiful falsetto for a man of his stature) and have both dabbled in playing different instruments.  This is Edwin’s latest musical acquisition:


I’ll explain.  We walked past a Ukulele shop in Whitby.  Edwin was magnetically pulled into said shop.  He exited with an insane smile on his face and a cardboard ukulele shaped box in his arms.  I’ve never seen a person make a snap decision so quickly and consequently be so happy.



There are many more things I would like to say about my siblings, but tis Friday eve and the sofa and tellybox do call.  I’m sure I’ll be sharing many more fun stories involving these two in the future.

So to Juliet and Edwin, my funny little siblings, I love you both muchly and can’t wait for to have luncheon with you tomorrow.  Love from your big sister xxx



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