“The New Mrs D” by Heather Hill

I’ve been following the very chuckle worthy Heather Hill for a while now.  Not in a real life stalker way, you understand.  Just on the internet.  That sounds worse.  I just read her tweets and her blogs. Nothing weird.  I first came across this funny lady last year and have been enjoying her posts every since.  So, when I discovered that she was publishing her debut novel, I jumped at the chance to have a sneaky pre-published peek to review for her.


The New Mrs D, or Binnie, is a happy go lucky kind of gal who finally finds herself, despite growing up with a narcissistic mother and living with a porn-obsessed husband.  She waits until the second day of her honeymoon to discover all of this, and then sends her new hubby packing, but that’s Binnie!

Ms Hill whisks off to the Greek Islands for a colourful adventure.  She plonks us right in the middle of the beautiful scenery, taking us on a sensory journey where we soak up the hot sun, drink in the fragrant wine, bask in the explosion of a fish and cradle our temples as Binnie flings her flip flop at us, from a speeding scooter.  I said colourful adventure, not safe adventure.

During Binnie’s antics, we come to learn more about our heroine and the struggles she has faced in her past that have led her to where she is now.  Binnie seems to be magnetically drawn to the outrageous, which makes for some lovely slapstick moments.  Despite spending her honeymoon sans new husband, she certainly isn’t lonely or bored.  She makes lifelong friends and dares herself to do something that terrifies her every day.

Amongst the frivolities, there is a deeper message within this book.  It is somewhat of a survivor’s story. We see this in the friends that Binnie makes.  All of them have their own story and their own survival including broken hearts, cancer, widowhood, betrayal.  In comparison, Binnie is worried that people will find her story ludicrous and embarrassing.  Because of this, she talks herself in and out of forgiving her errant husband for his dalliances with his internet fantasies, mainly because she is worried what people will think of her.  No woman should be made to feel that way, not least by her husband!

Ms Hill celebrates the strong, funny woman.  Binnie is certainly both those things.  Read this book and you will:

  1. Consider what it is to be a strong, independent lady
  2. Learn that it is never too late
  3. Understand that you should enjoy being you, because, in the words of Binnie, “there will never be another you”.

You can buy Heather Hill’s debut novel here.



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