A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

Seth MacFarlane, you bloody genius.  I want to kiss your brain.



If you’re already a fan of Mr MacFarlane, (and who isn’t?!) then I really don’t need to sell this to you.  You like Family Guy, American Dad, Ted?  Then you are free to go and spend your day as you please. You have already done your homework and have passed with flying colours.  Good day to you. But wait!  I spot a few loiterers who do not shine with joy at the mention of this brilliant man’s name! Sit.  You have much to learn.

There are several reasons why A Million Ways to Die in the West is very brilliant and rib crackin’ funny.  Some of you were not blessed with the comedy appreciation gene. It’s not your fault, but let’s talk it out and think about why you are so wrong, while discussing the highlights of said film.

First of all, great characters.  What’s not to love about a sheep farmer who can’t control his sheep (SETH MACFARLANE); a prostitute who works loudly upstairs at the inn (SARAH SILVERMAN), while her adoring, dim-witted betrothed awaits patiently below, clutching a bunch of flowers (GIOVANNI RIBISI); a spoilt, whiney ex-girlfriend with curly golden hair spooled onto her head so high it needs its own scaffolding (AMANDA SEYFRIED); a rugged, cape wearin’, hat cockin’ baddie (LIAM NEESON); a devastatingly gorgeous and hilarious blonde who can take care of herself thankyouverymuch (CHARLIZE THERON); a moustache twirling love rival with a penchant for beauty products and himself (NEIL PATRICK HARRIS).  What a cast.


mous amviwest

Secondly, great theme.  Death.  While not your traditional frolicsome subject, add in a bit of slapstick and a few beautiful people to laugh about the whole thing and hey presto! You’ve for a movie.  Also, this topic was quite educational. I had no idea that huge blocks of ice were transported around the western frontier for whole towns to consume. I know now that this is a true fact because Wikipedia tells me so. Amazing.  However, the way in which I learnt this fact means that I will never again eat ice without imagining it covered in a sticky red substance while lodged in a person’s gaping neck, where the head should be.  Shudder.


Thirdly, great storyline.  It’s your customary gun slinging, horse riding, sheep herding Wild West caper with a few MacFarlane style twists thrown in.   I especially enjoy the digs at the obvious flaws in the world of the western frontier; the giant ass cage that women wore under dresses for instance.  Just, why?


Fourthly, great cameos.  Two words.  Emmett Brown.

Fifthly, (is that word even possible to say out loud? Try it. Fifthly. Fifth. Ly.  Does it feel like your mouth is clogged up with feathers? Stupid word) great music.  Joel McNeely has done a sterling job of whisking us off to the orange, cacti lined deserts of the western frontier.  Brilliant.


So, are we all agreed that this is a really good film and you should go watch it immediately if you have not done so already?  All those in favour say “Yee Haaaaa!” and then join me in congratulating Mr Seth MacFarlane (and all those other very talented people who made this film possible).

Thank you for making this film, Mr Macfarlane.  Big fan.  Keep it up, sir.  Lovin’ the work.


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