Becoming a Theatre Ambassador

Why, hello everybody! Hope you’re having a fun Wednesday. I am. I’m having a lovely Wednesday. And I have something v exciting to tell you about. If you are a local in the Bradford/ West Yorkshire area, hello to you, I am your new Theatre Ambassador! If you are not local to these areas, I am not your local theatre ambassador. But you can still play if you want. But what is a Theatre Ambassador? I hear you cry! Well my friends, it is every bit as exciting and fancy as it sounds. Let me enlighten you …



A Theatre Ambassador is a human person (check) who loves theatre very much (check) and wants to encourage all the other humans to visit the theatre and watch some really brilliant drama (check). It means I get to watch lots of new drama and drag you, I mean encourage you nicely to come and experience an amazing night at the theatre. The emphasis is on drama rather than musicals and dance shows and the like. It is an initiative by the Touring Consortium Theatre Company who work with local theatres to bring in new audiences. For more info, click here.


The very beautiful and splendiferous Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, UK, The World.


It was very easy and mostly twitter based. I was tweeting with Emma Hill, writing guru, when the Touring Consortium Theatre Company caught wind of our theatre witterings. They invited me to pop along to the Alhambra for a chat with the view of becoming an ambassador. Today, I met with Helen at the theatre. She was very lovely and I got a coffee and everything. V fancy. Soon, I’ll be joining the other ambassadors to see the next show, Regeneration, based on the Pat Barker books of the same name. Once I’ve seen it, I’ll be reviewing it here. Hopefully I’ll convince you to join me in Bradford in October to see the show for yourself!



If you’re new to the theatre and would like to experience a drama at the Alhambra Theatre, please get in touch. I have reduced price tickets for you! The reduced price tickets are only available for the Tuesday and Wednesday performances, but you can sit wherever you want. Booking early is advised to get the best seats. If you’re interested, please contact me by email (; on twitter (@lissysimone) or leave a comment below.


For more information about theatre things, check out Theatre Cloud. Its an area for people to discuss all things theatre, find out about new productions, enter competitions. There is also information for schools regarding events and workshops. Enjoy!




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