Talking Statues Competition Runner Up!!


Hi everybody!

Just a quick post to let you know some exciting news. I entered the Talking Statues writing competition in October and guess what? I’m a runner up!!

download (1)

I found out about Talking Statues via fellow blogger Gina on her blog Playwright’s Competition Calendar. (You should follow her. She shares lots of interesting news).  The competition was to write a 400 word monologue for one of eight statues, four in London and four in Manchester. I chose to write for the handsome chap pictured above, Stan the T-Rex. Stan lives in Manchester Museum. He is a bit scary looking at first but don’t let that put you off. He is very lovely really, plus he’s been through quite a lot so y’know, give him a chance.

I found it quite tricky to write just 400 words. After visiting the museum and sitting with Stan for an hour or so, I had many many notes to wade through. I began by absorbing as much information as I could from the displays around Stan. The brief was to be educational and informative as well as entertaining, so I wanted to be as factually correct as possible. I then just sat with Stan for a little while.  My initial draft was 1500 words, so trimming that down was very strange. I much prefer the longer version to my final 400 word piece. I might publish the full thing on here soon for your perusal, you lucky things you.

download (2)

The competition winner is BJ Edwards. His monologue has been recorded by an actor, which you can hear if you visit Stan at the museum. I haven’t made it yet but will hopefully pop in and visit him soon.

You can read all the runner up monologues, including mine (!) on the Manchester Museum website.



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