The Quest of the Unaligned by A.L. Phillips

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In the city of Tonzimmel, where hover-cars zip over anonymous crowds, contracts are king, and education is everything, Alaric has worked hard to make a decent life for himself. As a level nine security chief, he needs no one and nothing, and is in control of his fate. Or so he thinks.

When a stranger from neighboring Cadaeren suddenly appears, however, babbling of magic, quests, and long-lost princes, Alaric finds himself contractually obligated to undertake a journey that his training hasn’t prepared him for: the Quest of the Unaligned. Accompanied by Laeshana, a Cadaerian native who has reasons of her own for helping him on his quest, Alaric is soon plunged into a perilous adventure that will force him to confront a seemingly impossible truth and embrace his destiny, even as the fate of Cadaeren hangs in the balance.

Now with a title like ‘The Quest of the Unaligned’ you could be forgiven for expecting a biographical account of one book blogger’s mental health (how very dare you). As it is, the story that A.L. Phillips tells is much more adventurous and has almost as much magic.

A.L. Phillips hails from Pasedena, California and has a B.A. in Sociology. This little bit of background information about the author is quite interesting when reading ‘The Quest of the Unaligned” which revolves around the reluctant prince Alaric who stirs up a bit of trouble when he is ‘tricked’ into leaving one world and jumps head first into a very different one. Throw in an evil, disgruntled Cadearen-ite, a disillusioned monarchy and a beautiful love interest with the brains to rival Hermione Granger and you’ve got yourself a book!

‘The Quest of the Unaligned’ is very much about exploring social norms and expectations. The contrast between futuristic Tonzimmel and ye olde worlde Cadearen, transcends topography and fashion. There is also a distinct difference in the way people are treated and discriminated against; in Tonzimmel a person is respected for their achievements no matter their background; in Cadearen, there is a clear cut hierarchy that no amount of talent can change. Or so it is believed by the good folk of Cadearen. In walks Alaric …

‘The Quest of the Unaligned’ was very enjoyable to read. It feels like a classic adventure fairy tale with some spine tingling mishaps along the way and a happy ending. A heady mix of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, if you like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Shrek, Once Upon a Time etc. I think you’ll enjoy this book.

I would recommend reading this book curled up in your fave coffee shop of a quiet Saturday morning. With a pastry. Obviously.

The Quest of the Unaligned is available to purchase here. There are also some short stories available on Phillips website in which she delves further into the world of Tonzimmelian and Cadaeren. Should you wish to, you can follow A.L. Phillips on twitter and tumblr.

Thank you to A.L Phillips for sending me a copy of your book to read and review! It was a joy.


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