Off the Hook – Dylan Moran


Hello comedy fans! I just wanted to tell you all about a cracking night at Leeds Town Hall last night with one of my all time faves, Mr Dylan Moran. Now, those of you who know me understand that I am a slightly huge fan of this man. I even named my kitten after his cantankerous alter ego, Bernard Ludwig Black. And behold, here we have a photo of little Bernard …


I know; the resemblance is uncanny isn’t it. He even loves books. What a dude.

Being such a huge Black Books fan, I was a little reticent about seeing Moran in a stand up capacity lest I be thoroughly disappointed and become disillusioned with the world. I can now confirm that I was not disappointed and Moran’s performance was the perfect balance of cutting irritability and raucous hilarity.

Very like his character in Black Books, Moran would be ranting about one particular nuisance of life when a distraction would intervene and send him off on a rant tangent, for example in the direction of late-comers to the show or audience members in the possession of flashing cameras and telephonic devices. I suspect these distractions led to a bit of off-roading script-wise but this added to the fun of the show. I suppose it provided a nice bit of audience participation – apart from those audience members being thoroughly scolded, head teacher style, for taking photos or using their phones. And quite rightly so; isn’t it common knowledge, common courtesy and common sense to not take photos of live performances? Come on people.


Leeds Town Hall


The stage!

Moran made a good point about this actually; about cherishing the moment rather than being bogged down by technology. Its so much nicer to experience a moment live rather than through the lens of a camera. Wise words.

Awaiting entertainment with Ian


Pretty ceiling of Leeds Town Hall

Just a little bit on Leeds Town Hall; what a lovely venue! It’s my second trip here, having visited to see Caitlin Moran last year. I would definitely recommend checking out their what’s on list. I’ve only ever seen stand up here so not sure what its like for music gigs etc. but definitely worth a look.


Leeds Town Hall

Dylan Moran can be found wandering around the UK and elsewhere for the rest of 2015 here.


2 thoughts on “Off the Hook – Dylan Moran

  1. I came to know about and love Dylan Moran through his comedy. I have yet to binge watch Black Books (it will happen soon), but seeing his stand up live was probably one of the best moments of my life, and all the way down here in South Africa, what a treat!! So glad that you enjoyed his stand up also, oh and little Bernard is bloody cute!

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