Since its inception in January 2014, Tales from a Bruce-Eye View has grown into a somewhat ramshackle home for books, readers, authors, theatre trips, plays and the occasional cake. It has also given Alicia a new found habit of talking about herself in the third person.

Alicia Bruce is a 28 year old writer. She grew up in a smallish village in Lancashire then moved to Yorkshire at 18 and hasn’t left yet. Alicia has been writing since 1993 when she created a very charming tale about the friendship between a cat and a dog. There were illustrations and everything. Subsequently, Alicia has written many a story, several partial novels, two and a half plays, numerous comedy sketches, many a book and theatre review and some feminist commentary via online magazines such as The News Hub.

After some encouragement from a very lovely writer friend, Alicia has started a shiny new blog (Tales by Alicia) to document and share some of her original writing. Don’t let the thin portfolio fool you; she has tons of scribblings to share but is a raging perfectionist and therefore unwilling to share very much at the current time.

Alicia is currently working on a collection of short stories. She is also dabbling with other, bigger ideas which she will one day find time to work on. At this very moment in time Alicia is either a) losing her head in a good book or b) trying to find her head in the myriad of ideas/ post it notes/ note books/ Word files/ dictionaries in the loft. Or she’s at work where she is definitely NOT daydreaming or blogging or tweeting or researching. (She is. She is doing all those things. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone). There is also a slight chance that she is whipping up a delicious cake and/ or devouring said cake. She likes cake.

Alicia thanks you for taking the time to read all about her and her little blog. She invites you to have a look around Tales From a Bruce Eye View and feel free to leave a comment on any or all of her posts. She always accepts compliments and sometimes makes allowances for constructive criticism.

If you are an author, do pop over to the Book Reviews page for information on how to contact Alicia so that she can read your book and give it an honest review. Alicia is also open to reviewing plays and getting involved in Book Blog Tours.

AB x



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